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Unfortunately, many of us were not born with perfect teeth and a beautiful smile. Even if your teeth were at one point aesthetically appealing, accidents happen or damage can accumulate over time.


Luckily, Magnolia Family Dental Care offers our dental patients several types of cosmetic dentistry services that improve both the appearance and the structural integrity of your smile. Dental Bonding is a service that can greatly improve the size, shape, color, or placement of your teeth.


Dental Bonding is accomplished by applying a resin material to the damaged or misshapen teeth. This resin, which is chosen to perfectly match your natural tooth, is then carefully molded to create the ideal tooth shape and size.

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There are many advantages to correcting your smile with dental bonding. Not only is dental bonding a simple cosmetic dentistry service that can quickly transform your smile, but it is also quite effective.


Cost-Effective Cosmetic Dentistry Service

Dental Bonding is easily the most cost-effective option when it comes to improving the overall appearance of your smile. If you wish to repair a cracked or misshapen tooth, improve the shape of a tooth, or cover a discolored tooth, dental bonding may be the best option!


Benefits the Appearance of the Teeth

Typically, dental bonding falls under cosmetic dentistry. Rather than improving the overall health of a tooth, the purpose of this service is primarily to improve the appearance of the tooth. At Magnolia Family Dental Care, we believe that each of our patients should have a smile they are proud to show off! Dental bonding can easily correct minor imperfections in your smile that are the cause of insecurity.


Protects the Integrity of the Teeth

Although it is typically used to improve the aesthetic of a smile, dental bonding is sometimes used to protect the integrity and strength of a tooth. In some situations, we may choose to use dental bonding in place of a traditional filling. It can also be an incredibly valuable service for patients who suffer from a receding gum line.


So, how does dental bonding differ from porcelain veneers? Both of these cosmetic dentistry services serve essentially the same purpose. They are both highly effective way of improving the appearance of one or several teeth. There are, however, a few ways in which these services differ.


The cost of investment is often the determining factor between these two cosmetic dentistry services. Dental bonding is a much more cost-effective way of achieving a healthy, beautiful smile. However, unlike porcelain veneers, the resin used for dental bonding can stain over time. This can be avoided by practicing proper oral hygiene habits and refraining from activities known to cause discoloration.


Additionally, dental bonding can often be accomplished in one visit. This makes it a quick fix for patients needing immediate results. Porcelain veneers, on the other hand, require a more involved process and additional visits to complete the process.


Whatever your dental goals and visions, the South Tulsa dentist team at Magnolia Family Dental Care can help you achieve them! Our team is proud to offer cosmetic dentistry services like dental bonding, providing you with access to the smile of your dreams. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment!

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