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Did you wake up with a surprisingly tender mouth or experience a sense of panic when you noticed some swelling in the mirror this morning? A swollen jaw can be painful and downright irritating amidst everything in your daily life. If you haven’t taken any recent falls or some other memorable impact on your jaw or face, then your swollen jaw could be related to your oral health. If there is pain emanating from the back of your throat, the swelling may be caused by your tonsils or some other issue that your primary care doctor could identify and aid. However, a swollen jaw and tender mouth or tooth will often be caused by oral and facial tissue that has become inflamed.


Since there could be many possible root issues causing the pain in your jaw and mouth, we recommend scheduling your appointment with our Tulsa dentist office right away or calling our emergency line if the pain is severe. Getting immediate treatment for a swelling jaw is essential for your overall health, as well as your dental health because the inflamed areas affect your ability to eat and even speak.


While you’re waiting on your appointment with our Tulsa dental team, there are few steps you can take to try and relieve the pain of your swollen jaw.

  • Use an ice bag (frozen peas or other foods will work) to help ease the pain and swelling of your swollen jaw. The ice should help to reduce the swelling and minimize the ache in your jaw and teeth. Ice your face for 20 minutes at a time, up to four times a day.
  • Take ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory medicine, which will help reduce the swelling and some pain.
  • Make an appointment with Magnolia Family Dental when you notice a swollen jaw and pain in your mouth. The sooner our team of Tulsa dental experts can examine you, the better the chances we can quickly and painlessly solve your oral pain.

Your swollen jaw could be an indication of a tooth that is infected or damaged, and it may need a procedure to help ensure your smile stays healthy and beautiful. Our Tulsa female Dentist office will examine your teeth and mouth to determine what is causing the pain and swelling in your jaw. Our team will then find the best solution to ease your pain, fix the root of the problem, and offer preventative care so that this won’t be a recurring issue.


Please don’t assume that the dental pain will go away on its own. Your dental health is vital to your overall health, and our office is dedicated to offering you the best comprehensive dental care in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. If you’re dealing with a swollen and tender jaw, Magnolia Family Dental Care is your Tulsa Dentist. Feel free to ask our office about our care and payment options, as well as our family and children’s care. Don’t wait– schedule an appointment with Magnolia Family Dental today to ensure your smile will only get better with age.


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