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Although most tooth development occurs during the early years of a child’s life, there is one exception. Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that many people develop in their late teenage years or early in their twenties. The development of wisdom teeth can cause problems if the existing teeth are not well aligned or if there is crowding in the mouth.


Unfortunately, wisdom teeth often become impacted or grow in an angle that can be incredibly damaging to the teeth, gums, and even the jaw bone. For this reason, many patients benefit from wisdom teeth removal.


Removing your wisdom teeth is the best way to eliminate damage to your existing teeth, minimize the risk for infection caused by bacteria, and ensure that your smile is both healthy and beautiful.

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One of the reasons that it is important to maintain bi-annual dental exams is that we are able to keep an eye on the development or health of your wisdom teeth. Through visual exams and dental x-rays, we can determine if wisdom teeth removal would be beneficial to your oral health.


In addition to regular dental exams, there are a few additional signs that you may need to pursue wisdom teeth removal.


Tooth Pain & Sensitivity


One of the biggest signs that you may need your wisdom teeth removed is tooth pain and sensitivity. When your wisdom teeth are misaligned, they can force your other teeth to shift. This can cause pain and discomfort. Having your wisdom teeth removed in a timely manner will eliminate the potential for your other teeth shifting out of alignment.


Gum Inflammation


Gum inflammation is often present in patients requiring wisdom teeth removal. Although gum inflammation generally originates from one location, it can quickly spread throughout your mouth. This increases your risk for periodontal disease caused by bacteria which enters your gum line through inflamed areas.

Stiffness in Jaw


Many patients who require wisdom teeth removal experience stiffness in the jaw. Stiffness, along with jaw pain, can be caused by shifting teeth. This can also manifest itself in the inability to open and close your jaw fully.


Sinus Problems


Your sinuses are closely related to your oral health. For this reason, many patients requiring wisdom teeth removal also experience congested sinuses along with sinus pain or pressure. By removing the wisdom teeth, those patients quickly begin to feel better without the presence of sinus issues.


Although removing your wisdom teeth may seem like an intense dental procedure, there is really no cause for alarm. A common dental service, removing your wisdom teeth in a timely manner can save you much discomfort down the road. Additionally, wisdom teeth removal will eliminate the potential for other oral health problems caused by the presence of unhealthy wisdom teeth such as cysts, gum disease, and tooth decay.


At Magnolia Family Dental Care, we strive to make both your wisdom teeth removal and your recovery process as quick and pain-free as possible. Contact our office today to discuss your wisdom teeth removal and schedule and your consultation!

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