South Tulsa Same-Day Dentist

Tulsa Same-Day Dentist

You may not have realized that your local dentist’s office can also function as an emergency service. But, when accidents happen that necessitates immediate action to ensure your health, the staff here at Magnolia Family Dental Care will be here for you. Same-day dentistry is for urgent situations when you’re at risk of losing one of your teeth or are experiencing extreme pain or discomfort, and our patients are our priority. If you have an accident that includes damage to your teeth, gums, or overall mouth, give us a call immediately. We can advise you on the best next step to ensure your mouth stays healthy and beautiful. Dental emergencies usually include bleeding gums or teeth, a lost tooth, or extreme pain in your mouth. Calling us immediately when you are experiencing these symptoms is vital. Whether at our office or an emergency room, seeking immediate attention will most likely save you time and hassle later on if your symptoms continue to worsen.


If you aren’t sure if you need same-day dental service, ask yourself a few questions to determine if you’re in a dental emergency:  

    • Are your gums, teeth, or mouth bleeding?
    • Have any teeth been lost or loosened?
    • Is there severe swelling in your mouth, gums, or jaw? 
    • Are you experiencing unbearable pain in your mouth, jaw, teeth, or gums?  

If you are experiencing one (or several of these), please give us a call for emergency same-day dental care. 


Whether you’re a current or new patient, Magnolia Family Dental Care is here for you and your health. When you need an emergency, same-day in Tulsa, OK, we will get in you as soon as possible for an appointment to give you the care you need. Depending on the situation, you may need immediate or next-day care. Be sure to call us with any emergency to determine the best next steps to ensure your health. Some of the same-day dental care that we provide to patients are listed below:

Swollen and Sore Gums


If your jaw is swollen or sore, it can be a sign of infection or trauma. Give us a call and describe precisely the time frame and pain level of the swelling, and we can book an emergency appointment or give you the next steps to prevent the swelling from becoming something more serious. 


Crown and Filling Repair


If you lose a filling or a crown that protects a tooth, it’s not a pleasant experience. Even just a loosened crown can be a painful experience. If this happens to you, call us immediately to get you in to see the dentist. We can help figure out and fix any underlying issues and ensure that your crown and filling continue to do their jobs well. 

Dental Repair


Sometimes, you may not know what is happening with your teeth, so give us a call just in case. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please give us a call to provide immediate care to ensure your teeth stay healthy and beautiful. Magnolia Family Dental Care has got you covered.


Root Canal


A Tulsa root canal sounds scary, but it can save your teeth in the long run! No matter the situation, we can help ensure your teeth feel great and look great. If you are experiencing pain or lose teeth, call us today! We may need to schedule an emergency root canal for you.