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Almost everywhere you go you will see advertising for products that whiten your teeth. Toothpaste, mouthwash, at-home treatments, the options are endless! Bright, white teeth are easily stained over time. This dulls our smiles and can even cause embarrassment or a lack of confidence.


There are many reasons our patients experience tooth staining and discoloration. Food and drinks that cause excessive staining, tobacco use, poor dental hygiene habits, damaged teeth, injuries, diseases, medications, the list goes on.


At Magnolia Family Dental Care, we provide professional teeth whitening services that are both safe and effective. We believe that by improving the smiles of our patients through this Tulsa cosmetic dentistry service , we can provide them with a better quality of life.

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Professional Teeth Whitening

vs. At-Home Alternatives

Although there is likely no harm in using at-home whitening alternatives, there are several benefits to investing in a professional teeth whitening service.


Provides Quicker Results

When we whiten your teeth at Magnolia Family Dental Care, we are able to use stronger whitening solutions and professional products. Because we can precisely apply and observe the process, these whitening treatments often provide our patients with quicker, more dramatic results.



Protects Sensitive Gums

Many of our patients have experienced gum sensitivity after using at-home whitening treatments. When we whiten your teeth professionally, we are able to protect your gums. Additionally, because we can cater this service to your needs, we will be able to avoid more irritation to your sensitive gums.

Ensures Health of Tooth Enamel


When you whiten your teeth, you are actually lightening the tooth enamel. This is the protective outer layer of each tooth. Although teeth whitening is a safe process, both when done professionally and at home, it could cause further damage if your enamel is not healthy. For this reason, it is wise to consult a dental professional before beginning any type of tooth whitening service.


At Magnolia Family Dental Care, we are able to work with you to decipher what is likely causing your tooth discoloration. In this way, we design a teeth whitening plan that addresses your needs and provides you with the results you desire.

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Our South Tulsa dental patients decide to pursue professional teeth whitening for a variety of reasons! If you feel as if your smile is looking dull in appearance, this service can add shine back into your smile. Most of us engage in activities or indulge in drinks that cause staining to our teeth. Although this may not be evident immediately, the staining can increase over time.


Professional teeth whitening provides results no matter the condition of your teeth, it is always wise to invest in this service before the discoloration progresses to an extreme state.


Many of our Tulsa patients decide to invest in a professional teeth whitening service before a big event like a wedding, vacation, or job change. The confidence provided by a bright white smile translates into how you live your everyday life.


The team at Magnolia Family Dental Care considers it a privilege to work alongside you, providing you with the smile you dream of. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment and discuss the teeth whitening services that would most greatly benefit your smile!


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