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Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our teeth do not get the support they need from our daily oral hygiene routine. In these cases, you may need additional support during your biannual teeth cleaning appointments.


Fluoride is a mineral that aids in creating strong, healthy enamel for your teeth. Enamel is the protective, outer layer of each tooth and is incredibly important in preventing tooth decay and other oral healthcare problems. By strengthening the enamel, fluoride acts as a protective barrier, preventing both tooth decay and gum disease.


Fluoride is found naturally in many sources including drinking water, tea, some foods, and other dietary sources. It is also added to many of our oral care products including toothpaste and some mouthwashes. Although most of us receive adequate fluoride through these sources as adults, we find that patients at greater risk for cavities and decay greatly benefit from biannual fluoride treatments.

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You may remember fluoride treatments from your childhood dentist visits. However, fluoride treatments are still beneficial to many of our adult patients, especially those with an increased risk for tooth decay! Patients who have poor oral hygiene, poor diet habits, chronic dry mouth, or lack regular dental care are at a greater risk for developing cavities. There can also be other outside elements or physical conditions that increase your risk of tooth decay.


If we believe that a fluoride treatment would benefit your oral health, it will be performed in conjunction with your biannual teeth cleaning appointment.


At the end of your cleaning appointment, the concentrated fluoride will be applied to the surface of your teeth. After just a few short minutes, we will remove the fluoride treatment and you will be ready to return to your day! We do ask our patients to refrain from eating or drinking for thirty minutes following their treatment. This time allows the fluoride treatment to fully absorb and perform to its full potential.


There are many benefits to regular fluoride treatments. Patients who are at high-risk for developing cavities will especially benefit from this quick treatment. Fluoride is a natural mineral that works by restoring the minerals on the surface of your teeth. The primary benefit of fluoride treatments is that they prevent tooth decay by blocking harmful bacteria from penetrating the tooth’s enamel.


By preventing tooth decay, fluoride treatments can also be valuable in preventing gum disease. The bacteria that are killed by fluoride can quickly wreak havoc on your teeth and gums, making more invasive dental procedures necessary.


In children, fluoride partners with the teeth as they are developing. This process can greatly strengthen the teeth, preventing cavities and decay for a lifetime. For this reason, fluoride treatments are a part of almost every child’s teeth cleaning appointment.


At Magnolia Family Dental Care, we believe in providing you with every opportunity to achieve optimal oral health and wellness. By protecting your teeth and gums from potential decay and disease, we eliminate the need for expensive, uncomfortable dental procedures.


Fluoride treatments have proven to be a valuable part of modern dental healthcare, providing patients of all ages with the protection they need against harmful tooth decay. Contact our team to schedule your next appointment today!

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