South Tulsa Cracked Tooth Dentist

Tulsa Cracked Tooth Dentist

Magnolia Family Dental Care’s goal is to take great care of your teeth. Whether you’re a new or returning patient, our team of dental experts can help if you run into a dental emergency, like cracking one of your teeth. A tooth can become damaged or cracks due to many reasons. From a bad slip on icy ground to chewing on something hard or many other scenarios, you may find yourself with a painfully broken tooth. While we don’t want you to panic (this is a dental case we help lots of people with!), our team does recommend calling our emergency line as soon as you can. Because your teeth’ enamel doesn’t stitch itself back together like your bones, the best course of action is to let us see you immediately. Our Tulsa dental experts team will examine your teeth and ensure that your cracked tooth can get the help it needs. We can usually fit emergency dentist appointments in, as well as walk-in appointments when necessary. If a next-day appointment is necessary, you can be sure our team will give you thorough instruction to maintain your oral health.


Cracked teeth show various symptoms, including intermittent pain when chewing, possibly with the release of biting pressure, or pain when your tooth is exposed to temperature extremes. In many cases, the pain may come and go, and your dentist may have difficulty locating which tooth is causing the discomfort.

Tulsa Cracked Tooth Dentist

Causes of Cracked Teeth

A cracked tooth can be extraordinarily painful or uncomfortable, especially when chewing or exposed to very hot or cold drinks. However, sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint precisely where in your mouth the pain is being generated. You may even be unsure which tooth has a crack in it. Our South Tulsa dentist will help identify and resolve the damage that’s causing pain in your mouth.


A crack in a tooth can originate due to many reasons, as we previously mentioned. Some of the most common causes of cracked teeth are below:


    • Grinding teeth during sleep or the day
    • Huge dental fillings
    • Aging over 50
    • Chewing on hard candies, ice, or another firm food
    • Impact to the mouth from a fall, an accident, or more

Different Kinds of Cracked Teeth

    • Split Tooth: A large crack that extends from a tooth’s surface to past the gum line
    • Craze Lines: Tiny, usually painless, cracks in your teeth enamel
    • Fractured Cusp: Generally only affects a filling and shouldn’t cause pain
    • Vertical Root Fracture: This crack travels from your gum and into your tooth and can sometimes cause inflammation

Symptoms of Cracked Teeth

Not all teeth that have cracks in them will have obvious symptoms. It might be our dentist who firsts notice your cracked tooth! However, we recommend you call our office immediately if you experience the below symptoms:


    • Pain when you are chewing or biting down on something
    • Spurts of intense pain in the same oral area
    • Severe pain when you drink or eat something hot or cold
    • Gum swelling
If you are experiencing dental pain due to a cracked tooth, please give Magnolia Family Dental a call today!