Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why do dentists get so hung up on saving teeth as opposed to extracting them and making dentures?



When a person loses all of their teeth and have those replaced with dentures, they lose 80% of their ability to chew. With the use of dental implants it is easier to get a “better fit” which provides more stability for keeping the dentures in place, but the bottom line is don’t let it get to that point.

Question: Why do dentists feel the need to replace fillings?



Over the past 20 years there has been a debate between Amalgam (silver) fillings and tooth colored fillings. After extensive research it has been proven that both are very effective. After time they will wear out, fracture, or get new decay which occurs just like tires wearing out.

Question: Why is it that my teeth are sensitive to cold but my dentist cannot see any decay?



This is usually due to root sensitivity. If the gums recede and the root is exposed, the endings which are found on the surface of the root will react to extreme temperatures. Most often the teeth will desensitize over time but the use of toothpastes such as Sensodyne will help eliminate the sensitivity more quickly.

Question: What does the overall health of the body have to do with the health of the mouth?



The mouth has often been referred to as a window into your overall health and can offer clues about different health conditions. Those that may be linked include heart disease, diabetes, stomach issues and stress. Other conditions that can be detected from an oral exam include oral cancer, Sjogren’s syndrome, chronic gum disease and viral/bacterial infections.