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For most of us, knowing when to go to the dentist for an average check-up can be a mystery. The same goes for knowing when you might need Emergency Dental Care. What may start out as a simple aching, or agitation, could become something more serious before you know it. A lot of people simply ignore the signs or symptoms they are experiencing. It might be too late. Your whole body has intertwined messages that make it hard to tell the real cause for your toothache pain. Knowing when to go get Emergency Dental Care is really important, so here are 3 signs that you should go to get immediate care.

3 Signs That Emergency Dental Care Is Needed:

1. Loose Teeth 

Having wiggly or loose teeth as an adult is a sure sign that something is wrong and that you might need Emergency Dental Care. At this point, your teeth should be fully matured and have become nice and sturdy devices to help you grind up the food you eat, pronounce the words you speak, and assist you in a healthy, normal life style. If you do however notice that you have one of these symptoms, there are a couple of things that might be going on. Tooth injury is one of the main issues that cause this. It could have happened for a variety of reasons like sports, hard foods, or just an accident. Even if things seem somewhat normal, you still want to go in and get it checked out so that there is no permanent jaw damage.

2. Bleeding/Aching Gums 

After flossing, it’s quite normal to see some blood appear, but still shows early signs of gingivitis. If the bleeding is recurring or excessive in any way, there might be some things you need to look more into. This could be a sign that you have Gum Disease, and this would definitely require Emergency Dental Care. If you brush normally and have solid habits for taking care of your mouth in general, you are already doing the main thing that can prevent gum disease. Catching the signs of this disease early is the best way to prevent you from needing an Emergency Dentist.

3. Constant Headaches 

This is one of the area’s where there could be any number of reasons that could cause a headache. Stress, sickness or even eating the wrong thing could cause this easily. Where you want to watch out for them though is when the headaches become chronic and recurring. Our teeth and our heads are connected, so pain in your jaw can directly cause the headache.

Emergency Dental Care can be more serious than just a toothache. We encourage you to pay attention to some of these signs and even more when considering whether to come in or not. If you are already experiencing symptoms like these, go ahead and make an appointment! You can never be too careful when taking care of our mouths. Contact us today!

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