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Female Dentist In Tulsa, OK

Since 2008, the number of women becoming dentists has gone up by 44 percent. Until several decades ago, becoming a Female Dentist In Tulsa was very difficult because it was viewed as just a profession for men. This is not true in today’s time. Over 22 percent of all Dentist Practices are Female Dentists.

In addition to the benefit of gender diversity, there are quite a few other things that female dentists have as an advantage over their male counterparts. There have been some studies done that suggest female dentists are more responsive and more excellent in what they do. This statement is not to cause a gender war but to merely reveal some of the data that has been popping up over the recent years. Knowledge is power. For this reason, we wanted to share a few reasons based on some studies we found on why you should seek out a Female Dentist In Tulsa.

Female Dentist in TulsaWhy You Should Think About Seeing A Female Dentist:

The PBRN Collaborative Group did a study of 73 female and 393 male dentists to discover the following information:

Conservative Approach

One of the unique things that showed us that a Female Dentist In Tulsa could bring a much more conservative approach, which had a less expensive and more positive outcome for the patient. It wasn’t normal for aggressive or unnecessary care to be present among women.


The study also showed that a Female Dentist In Tulsa would be more likely to offer better prevention services. They would recommend these kinds of options to their patients much sooner than their male counterparts would. This method ended up saving money for the patients in the long run.

Smaller Hands

When it came to extractions or major work in the patient’s mouth, the study showed that patients prefer a Female Dentist In Tulsa because she would have smaller hands. Smaller hands are less invasive which is important with these types of procedures.

Better Listeners 

Washingtonian.com shows that women dentists are actually a lot better at listening to their patients. If a patient has had a bad experience in the past at the dentist, having a good listener there could make all the difference in the world.

More Nurturing 

Another big reason for going with a Female Dentist In Tulsa is because women are more nurturing. In some situations, women can be better at being empathic with each patient’s needs. They are able to put themselves in their situation, creating a more cohesive and relational experience for the patient, and the dentist.

Again, this is not to take a shot at male dentists. There are now a lot of great male and female dentists in our area, and plenty are qualified, professional and would be a great fit. But if you are looking specifically for a Female Dentist In Tulsa, look no further than Dr. Melissa Jackson. Magnolia Dental strives to provide professional care that always puts the patient first, no matter what kind of dental care you might need.